WiFi Camera

A camera that allows users to visualize the 2.4 GHz frequency band for wireless 802.11 communication into a 2D image that is similar in concept to images from Charged Couple Devices or x-ray imaging.

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Broad Applications

From optimization and increased understanding of EM emissions to security, this device has great research potential.

Revolutionary Concept

Helping the human eye visually conceptualize another dimension and help increase understanding and knowledge.

Innovative Design

A directional "cantenna" with a re-programmable radio transceiver to capture signals and detect any interferences.

The Idea of the WiFi Camera

Find out about the inspiration behind the camera and how it was developed.

The WiFi Camera

Versatile Yet Powerful

A versatile device powered by a reprogrammable radio transceiver that can not only be coded to catch the right frequencies, but can also detect interferences for better functionality and understanding.

Run on Arduino and Processing

Coded using Processing and powered by an Arduino Board, the device, along with its output, can easily be customized to give you the results how you want them, as well as debugged for optimal performance.

Arduino and Processing Code
WiFi Camera Photos

Improving Quality and Resolution

The camera is successfully able to atone WiFi signals into a combined false color image that can show objects causing disturbances. An improved version can further detect interferences, and display them as well.


The WiFi Camera has featured in 3 Science Fairs in the United States,
winning awards and recognition from government agencies, educational institutions, organizations, and companies.